Graphic Novel: Queen Victoria

Unlike painting, this was great to do after work, a couple of frames a night. I really enjoyed building the storyline and finding the characters and their images – and also telling the story, a bit like a film in that there were always choices of angle and range (close up vs mid or wide scene setting etc) plus maintaining readers’ attention (they say you lose comic book readers in 3 frames.. surely we’re not that vacant… what was your name again?).
It gets a bit epic later on, including a grand procession through London streets and the sailing of the Great Fleet of the Royal Navy to Brighton Rock. Must do something with it – it’s written for an (older?) English audience and I should really go there to take further. Can do. Meanwhile, contact me if you have any good ideas about publishing a 48 page paper-based B&W work in an electronically-coloured on-line age.


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