15 March 2019

I don’t have a picture to post, it has been a dark dark 24 hours in New Zealand with yesterday’s mosque massacre in Christchurch – massive disbelief throughout our lovely little country at the end of the world, except that the world has apparently caught up with us via an idiot from another country, and possibly idiots in ours, hatred has no frontiers.

Today was the 1st day of our local annual Arts Trail, which we have continued as we must, I sold 11 pieces. But lower turnout today, the bad guys have sucked some of the joy out of us for the moment, but it won’t, and can’t, last.

We invited people from far off lands to our home and now 49 are gone. But maybe as a village of 5m people we will have and take the chance to gain from this exceptional event,  in terms of arms control for one main thing – and given the outpouring of aroha (love) and support for our innocent friends (we have all shed tears of grief, disbelief and frustration) perhaps will give our new friends some sense that they have found a home, even so.

But it’s hard just now to escape the idea that NZ has lost a bit of our innocence. We say kia kaha (stay strong) a lot here  – so we won’t, and can’t, let the bastards beat us.



  1. I’m sorry for the loss in New Zealand..Really terrified to hear the news. This should not happen. I can see what their dear ones are feeling. So sad.

    1. Nice comment Ananya. Yes its impacted on everyone here, some good is coming of it in terms of community spirit, better understanding of Islamic culture and its gentleness, more of us thinking about our prejudices hopefully, openness etc, but it has changed us, we’re a bit lost and grieving right now. Nga mihi

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