Red Tree, Nuhaka-Mahia Road

A series of 3 inspired by Mondrian’s “Red Tree”. We’ve travelled the Nuhaka-Mahia road to Mahanga beach for 50+ years now – it’s a bit remote out here, the gravel has been only recently sealed, not wide enough for a centre line, no signposts for the tricky 90 degree corners at both ends of this section.

This tree has always dominated this stretch, I can’t remember if or when it when it was small. When I went up there last summer shortly after finishing this pic it was gone, sawn into bits by the roadside. Perhaps 1 winter storm too many? – but given the charring and rotten trunk, more likely lightning (stops sapflow faster than ordinary severing does), fire, road safety concerns followed by roading authority chainsaws (no worries Sherlock!)

Oils 60x60cm. Sold by Exhibitions Gallery, Wellington December 2019


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