The Great Wave at Mt Maunganui (after Hokusai)

This one’s from 2 perspectives, Maunganui replacing Fuji and the Astrolabe Reef in front instead of 3 boats (and 30 terrified people on them)! The wave ended up closer to the original than I intended, not sure why, however it’s my tribute to a great work.

My wave goes R to L in the yokogawa tradition, Hokusai broke new ground in 1831 Japan with his wave going L to R in the European tradition, The key to his wave is the low viewing point/horizon, which emphasises our vulnerability vs the power of nature. The subtext is that the wave represents the oncoming/inevitable force of foreign intervention into the closed off empire, with Fuji representing those traditional values. 

Sold by Exhibitions Gallery, Wellington at my June 2021 “In the style of Hiroshige” solo exhibition.

Acrylics on stretched canvas 600x600mm. 


  1. Hey.
    I recently stumbled into your art.
    I love it.
    I’m an English teacher in Japan, I live in Tokyo teaching kids at a school just down the road from the Hokusai art museum.
    Hokusai art is scattered around the school.
    May I show them some of your art in class?
    Also, do you have a print of mission bay or Rangitoto? I’d love to order a couple prints to donate to my school as a gift.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for that, a lot of those prints have gone to Japan actually as presents. Sure you can show them the site – obviously reproduction is not ok, but do feel free to ask if you have something else in mind. I do prints of the ukiyo-e ones, not the MTMaunganui one as yet but TBA. Im not sure what mission bay or Rangitoto means though, can you quote a number or title from my website and we’ll take it from there. PS apologies for late reply, I was in Doubtful sound this morning, got back to Wgtn tonight -much of the last 4 weeks have been tramping in fiordland, I had to leave my laptop at home. cheers

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