The Great Wave at Mt Maunganui (after Hokusai)

This one’s from 2 perspectives, Maunganui replacing Fuji and the Astrolabe Reef in front instead of 3 boats (30 people on them!). The wave ended up much closer to the original than I intended, not sure why, however it’s my tribute to a great work.

Sold by Exhibitions Gallery, Wellington at my June 2021 “In the style of Hiroshige” solo exhibition.

Acrylics on stretched canvas 600x600mm. 


  1. Hey.
    I recently stumbled into your art.
    I love it.
    I’m an English teacher in Japan, I live in Tokyo teaching kids at a school just down the road from the Hokusai art museum.
    Hokusai art is scattered around the school.
    May I show them some of your art in class?
    Also, do you have a print of mission bay or Rangitoto? I’d love to order a couple prints to donate to my school as a gift.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for that, a lot of those prints have gone to Japan actually as presents. Sure you can show them the site – obviously reproduction is not ok, but do feel free to ask if you have something else in mind. I do prints of the ukiyo-e ones, not the MTMaunganui one as yet but TBA. Im not sure what mission bay or Rangitoto means though, can you quote a number or title from my website and we’ll take it from there. PS apologies for late reply, I was in Doubtful sound this morning, got back to Wgtn tonight -much of the last 4 weeks have been tramping in fiordland, I had to leave my laptop at home. cheers

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