Easter Bunny

Happy Easter Sunday 2020!!  It’s a bit (a bit??) different this year, 15 days in to a month of near-total lock-down in New Zealand.

Today the kids in my cul de sac (180 houses, no cars…) are on an Easter egg hunt, they spot paper eggs stuck to fences, gates etc and post details to a community Facebook page, all very sensible and safe.

Hang in there!



  1. I thought I’d say something original like I wish you lived in my street too. However, the same virtual street is great too, and I’ve appreciated your visits to my blog.
    We currently have a camper parked out the front of the house and I’ve been thinking of decorating that before we move it into our backyard. There’s been a bit of a local trend to put teddy bears in your window, and so I thought I could have a teddy bears’ picnic set up on top. I mentioned the idea to our 14 year old daughter thinking she’d either really go for it or if it was a bad idea veto it and I’d ave face. She vetoed it. Said it was weird, but I’m not so sure, especially after seeing your driveway. Might need to consult further afield. Need to have a bit of fun while under house arrest. Oh dear. We are allowed out for exercise but I don’t quite feel like it everyday. Need to gauge it carefully because I’ve ended up very restless late at night which is a beast.
    Hope you’re surviving isolation over there. Australia and New Zealand have been lucky to dodge this bullet so far. We were very concerned, but as long as we’re home, we should be right and fingers crossed, we can get rid of it. NZ has a fighting chance.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for that Rowena. Teddy bears on the van roof is great IMHO, in fact we have a family nearby whose late teens daughter has been providing a tableau daily of bears variously on a slippery slide, having picnics/BBQs, at a games table, in the office, changing a tyre, painting the fence, on the loo even – my wife has pics if you want to see – email me on alistairsart@gmail.com and i can send. Exercise is about all we can do here too, but how lucky we are living on islands at the edge of the world with a common sense of being all in it together/not becoming the weakest link. Our PM has been stunning, but today she’s in a no-win of deciding when we need to ease off. Extraordinary times! regards

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