2021/22 Exhibitions – In the style of Hiroshige

I sold all 34 original paintings at my 3-28 June 2021 “In the style of Hiroshige” solo exhibition at Exhibitions Gallery, Wellington – all of my Wellington (including this new one), Queenstown/Wanaka, Taranaki and Mt Maunganui ukiyo-e style images.

The Gallery published a full page ad in the local Saturday paper prior to the opening – 14 sold that day, 13 more in the 4 days before opening, 6 on the opening night and the final one the next morning. Great media coverage, and the Ambassador of Japan visited informally too. All a bit of a blur.

My Sydney/Melbourne in the style of Hiroshige paintings also nearly sold out (13 of 16) in January/February 2022 – in spite of the Convoy 2022 protests, the CBD effectively shutting down, and a cyclone !




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