Down Ngauranga Gorge into Wellington

Oil on board 18″x20″. My second oil, made up as I went along, turned out more cubist than expected. My daily drive to work in the Wellington CBD was down the Ngauranga Gorge, a steep cut through the harbour hills faultline – at sea-level the harbour opens out in both directions and comes in many moods, often different to what was happening at the top of the hill – I never tire of that corner. The pic shows the transport coming into the city – trains, cars, ferries and planes (don’t think the near one works, will do again sometime).

In the old days, the Gorge would have been a difficult horse ride alongside a rocky stream – now it’s 6 lanes of motorway and the stream has been piped below to the sea, as shown bottom left. There is still an abattoir half way up, with animals occasionally escaping onto the motorway – for example – they get shot, as needs must, but here 3 sheep are successfully escaping by small boat on the stream to the right. Go you good things!

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