Johnny Ratten

This is Johnny Ratten, the punk rat. He’s 1.5m tall. His stance is based on a Billy Idol photo and gives him good balance whichever way he is knocked. He’s made of various woods, newspaper and chicken mesh as a base; a wallpaper, paper mache, fake fur and cardboard exterior plus cloth and windbreak jacket, all painted with acrylics; ping pong ball eyes, polystyrene mouth, pipe cleaner hair and accessories.
The sneer is Billy’s (nicked from Elvis who nicked it from Brando who.. etc); the Art/Rat logo (perfect!) was worn by Mick Jones of the Clash; Johnny’s right hand is made ready for a Harp lager can when I can get one (happily they don’t sell that rubbish in NZ)

cartoon sculpture Johnny Rotten punk rat
Johnny Ratten

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