3 Birds

A modified toucan, gannet and flamingo, Egyptian-style. Acrylic on canvasboard 18″x24″

We spent a month there in 1982. On arrival, I promised my wife, having dragged her into every museum in Europe, that I wasn’t interested in 2 dimensional art – oops. All those pictures telling ancient stories. However, my favourite moment was peeking behind a screen at a museum in a tinpot town somewhere half way up the Nile to find a mummy with its face partially unwrapped – I was contemplating the dead person’s life, mortality and all that deep stuff when suddenly, a mouse jumped out of the mummy’s eye-socket. I must have hit the ceiling!

It comes with a companion penguin looking back at them – the 3 birds ask, “What do you call a penguin in the Sahara”, the penguin replies “Lost!”.



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