Saxophone Man

sculpture wood sax muso musician primitive artsculpture wood wood carving sax saxophone muso music musician primitive art

An old totara fence post, 1.5 metres high. This one started without any great plan as a basic face and torso, except that he needed hands to support his chin – and the shape of the hands and the wood below that then turned the torso into a sax. The lower part twists as if his feet are dancing – I managed to support him without disturbing that, or the staples and fence wire at the bottom. Sax players are a fairly conventional idea, hopefully something fresh here in the mood and expression.

I’ve had several posts stashed away for years but have been unwilling/unable to disturb them – it’s a respect for the wood thing – whereas I spent last week at the beach shamelessly killing mice, flies and cockroaches and eating fish and chicken (….off you go Sigmund, I’m too busy to talk just now).

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