Woman drinking wine


The second of 4 recent sculptures from old wooden fence posts. She started from rough sketches (attached plus a previous stonework) but mostly was worked in progress – the wine glass came from cutting too deeply too soon and the crossed legs (too many wines?) and topknots were suggested by the grain.

Learned at least 4 things from this one:
Thing the First, the random aging hippy process seems to work but I really should plan these in clay before I start.
Secondly, to do the thin bits last – she needed her neck glued after falling onto concrete.
Thirdly, those multi-tool/renovator gadgets are excellent but the blades don’t handle much pressure and are overpriced.
Fourthly, don’t stick a Stanley knife blade in your leg (obvious in hindsight, but who knew for sure).

Totara, 1.6m tall, now mounted on a wooden plinth.

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