Manukau Harbour

IMG_2658 IMG_2680

My colour choices are a bit hit and miss with the colour blind thing, so I often edit after a time out (can be several years).

My initial colour choices are mostly made up as I go along. I think about warm/cold, blues at back/reds at front, complementaries etc but I don’t relate to theories about certain colours and moods – that’s not necessarily what I see. It’s all a bit random/intuitive at the first stage, although I tend to err towards bold, warm and vibrant when not sure. I usually get 90% of the colour scheme into place first time.

I chart the various mixes (ie names of the component colours, swatches are pointless) on a side-sketch to help me identify them later. Before I start editing I keep the work in my living space for a few days and compile a list of what’s needed to finish. Which helps me avoi, but not eliminate, over-editing – mud is never far away when you can’t see what’s already there.

The side-sketches also help me with colour choices in later works but, so far, I haven’t repeated the general scheme of any previous work – I prefer new work to be a box of chocolates. Much more fun.

This is an edit of an earlier painting of a sidetrack near the lighthouse on the southern headland of Manukau Harbour. Essentially, more pink/colour in the water/sky and different greens and brushwork for the reeds and foreground grass. But these may have made the road more prominent – I could add more highlights/depth in the bottom left corner to balance that?, or not. Is it done yet? Maybe. Oils on canvas 12″x12″

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