Manukau Harbour

IMG_2658 IMG_2680

My colour choices are a bit hit and miss, so I often edit after a time out (can be several years).

It’s fairly intuitive at the first stage. I think about warm vs cold; having a base of blue at the back, orange/brown at front; using complementaries etc, with bold, warm and vibrant favoured when I’m not sure and red used anywhere. I usually get 90% of the base colour scheme into place first time.

I chart the various mixes (ie names of the components in each mix, swatches don’t work) on a side-sketch to help identify them later. Before editing, I keep the work propped up under the TV for a few days and list what’s needed to finish. Which also helps avoid a tendency for over-editing.

The side-sketches are references for colour choices in later works but, so far, I haven’t repeated the general scheme of any previous work – I prefer new work to be new thinking, much more fun.

This is an edit of an earlier painting of a sidetrack near the lighthouse on the southern headland of Manukau Harbour – more pink/colour in the water/sky and different greens and brushwork for the reeds and foreground grass.  Maybe it’s done, maybe not.

Oils on canvas 12″x12″.

PS Edited further and sold by Exhibitions Gallery, Auckland September 2020.

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