Shotover River, near Queenstown

Near Yogjakarta in Southern Java, painting with Indonesia’s leading contemporary landscape painter John van der Sterren. John is encouraging me to use wider brushes, load up the paint and be more intuitive/cut loose more. Lots of fun.

Here’s painting no2 in a series of 3. On my travel tablet, the front part looks greenish?, whereas in the real thing and in my photo of it, it’s 3 tones of naples yellow plus greys and pink. But the essence of it is there I think. Oils 60cm x 70cm



  1. Beautiful paintings! I love them all. I was just looking through some blogs while on my way back from a business trip to Indonesia, when I thought a had stumbled across a fellow Kiwi. Blown away when I saw this was actually painted in Indonesia. Thanks for posting!

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