Ken Gray Rides Out

Ken Gray was a famous All Black (NZ Rugby player) of the late 60s, a liberal man ahead of his time, now passed on. His family farm is above the inlet across from my place (per gallery photo), the farm hills particularly are a local landmark, often painted, very visible across the inlet from the south/Mana Bridge.

Perhaps in his day Ken rode out as in The Two Towers (the Helm’s Deep set was 8km from here in the quarry at the other end of Haywards Hill), very probably not, doesn’t matter. Sam Hunt, our unofficial poet laureate, described Ken as “a very very good man, who also knew his dogs”, not a bad epitaph.

Oils 100cm x 100cm (acknowledging Kandinsky)



      1. I like it. I went through a similar change myself (when I was doing collage, and it continued in painting when I took that up). I didn’t put people in the pictures when I started doing art, and I don’t know why, but when I did, it seemed to add something, some extra dimension of meaning or connotation or whatever, beyond just adding some interesting items to a landscape. Wonder if that is happening here. I like how your landscapes are so expressive and the addition of people-oriented elements, well, I think it is great.

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