Boatsheds at Bottle Creek #3

A further version in oils of the boatsheds across Bottle Creek, this one with shorter brushstrokes, almost pointillist. This method requires more patience than I have perhaps, although it only took a couple of days to do (being just 12″x16″).

Whereas, for example, Otto Dix took 3 years to complete “The Trench” only to have it burned by the Nazis in 1937 (apparently portraying the horrors of war sapped the will of the people to defend themselves…)

I found that in “Lost Art” published by the Tate – covering 40 20thCentury artworks that were variously discarded, lost, rejected, stolen, attacked, destroyed, bombed, burned, erased, transient, deteriorated, unrealised, over-worked etc – just the tip of a very big iceberg of course. It discusses some big issues too, moral versus legal rights in the work, the rights of users of public spaces versus the artist’s rights of expression, the right to offend or censor, the right to destroy or alter etc. Recommended

Hanging at home – I don’t really want to sell this one, it says turangawaewae (at your roots/being home) and also sums up a few arty things that inspire me



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