Boatsheds at Bottle Creek #3

A further version in oils of the boatsheds across Bottle Creek, this one with shorter brushstrokes, almost pointillist. This method requires more patience than I have perhaps, although it only took a couple of days to do (being just 12″x16″).

Whereas, for example, Otto Dix took 3 years to complete “The Trench” only to have it burned by the Nazis in 1937 (apparently portraying the horrors of war sapped the will of the people to defend themselves)

I found that in “Lost Art” published by the Tate – covering 40 x 20thCentury artworks that were discarded, lost, rejected, stolen, attacked, destroyed, bombed, burned, erased, transient, deteriorated, unrealised, over-worked etc – just the tip of a big iceberg of course. It discusses some big issues too,

  • moral and legal rights- can owners alter or destroy art or are they trustees; can the artist alter it; does the subject have rights; should owners display of it occasionally etc
  • the rights of users of public spaces eg blocked access or light versus the artist’s rights of expression
  • the right to offend, when can/should the censor intervene, etc.

Hanging at home – I don’t really want to sell this one, it says home, and also sums up a few arty things that inspire me



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