Arrowtown Cemetery

Arrowtown Cemetery, 2016, oils, 40x30cm
Have been thinking lately whether to try a more realistic style. This is my closest to that yet. I like the late afternoon light in this one.
(ps my artist friend in Java says that graveyards are never a subject for art in that culture, whereas they’ve been a staple in European art, curious!)


    1. Hey, thanks for that. Spent last week in Invercargill so there was a middling chance we would pass through Dunedin (Airport) en route home. Yes, I can see this style working in your beautiful harbour also. One never knows, do one!

  1. Painting Oriental Bay in the style of Hiroshige — what a clever idea! I’m liking this especially for the colours, the composition, the sweeping curves and the jagged lines… yep, very cool.

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