Te Rangihaeata: Exodus to Battle Hill #2

The 2nd of 3 of Te Rangihaeata and Ngati Toa vacating their pa at Pauatahanui for Battle Hill in 1846.

2 changes to my usual – first, pre-planning the general colour scheme compared to making it up as I go along (usually, on a warm foreground/cooler background basis, and the opposite too sometimes); and secondly, economy of line. In my only art class back in the early 90’s, one task was to show movement using only 7 lines – a challenge for a (day job) lawyer used to detail but I was happy with my 7 line cyclist image, still have it.

Inspired by Kandinsky’s Improvisation 19 (1911). Oils on board 12″x12″. I like this one a lot, I’ve kept it.

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