1. I think the idea of a subject being so fascinating and with so much depth requiring this kind of exploration, well, I like it, and I can see how rewarding it is to really know and explore. In the past I am not sure I would have understood it, always looking for variety, but as I am getting older I maybe am more contemplative? or see things I did not, before. I think it is great what you did here.

      2. Still doing it actually, starting another one, sketch is again from memory so its different, but mainly different style, shorter brushstrokes, adjacent complementary colours, will see how it goes (more a case of seeing what could be there than what is – you’re an expert at that!) Thanks Claudia)

    1. Thanks Sharon, it has an interesting back story actually but a bit personal for this forum. Happily it presented a balanced composition, with a bit of cut and paste of course! Tx

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