The Church at Putiki

Just back from Europe, mainly France after a long absence. So much improvement in access to and presentation of art in public spaces and museums (many new since the early 80s – the Guggenheim Bilbao, Tate Modern, Neue Pinakothek, Musee D’Orsay, Pompidou Centre, Foundation Van Gogh in Arles for examples).

Not sure yet how that will affect what I do. My 2017 goals were to tell more stories; and to use larger brushes and cut loose more. However, many of my favourite “expressive” works are quite small – often with smallish brush widths it seemed.

Van Gogh wrote that his works were “carefully planned in advance” and executed rapidly – the opposite of what I do. So maybe – smaller canvases, plan more, edit less – and good luck with that, perhaps in the end we all create in accordance with our natures.

For the moment, I tried a shorter/jabbing brushstroke (still with limited planning but also limited editing) in the attached smallish pic – St Pauls Memorial Church at Putiki beside the Whanganui River, 150km north of here. It’s very local/untouristed, you need to visit the vicar for a key. The building is simple late-1800s colonial era. However, the interior is stunning, fully decked out with traditional Maori wood carvings and tukutuku (woven wall panels). The ceiling poles are decorated mostly in red, black and white with the stories of local sub-tribes. Its well worth a google – “images Putiki church” should do it.

Inspired by Van Gogh “The Church at Auvers”. Oils on canvas 12″x18″ Hanging in my house – I don’t really want to sell this one, it sums up a few things that inspire me.


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