Valley near Coronet Peak #2

“Civilisation exists with nature’s consent, subject to change without notice” (Will Durrant).

Second painting of this scene, just south of the turnoff to Coronet Peak skifields near Queenstown, New Zealand. This is the full U-shaped glacial valley, with the moraine on the floor and sides as bulldozed about by the huge ice sheets. Dick Frizzell also painted this scene in 1999, “Small Valley” – per gallery pic#2. My earlier painting zoomed in on the younger V-shaped Shotover river gorge at the end, as carved by the outflow from the glacier – see gallery pic#1 (sold at Mana arts Trail 2019).

Originally part of Zealandia, raised from the Pacific by monumental earthquakes on a scale we can scarcely imagine, sculpted by ice and now by rain, wind and erosion, not really volcanic, glacial nor earthquake (maybe a bit) country down here these days, but who knows, our young land is very much a work in progress. Hobbit country for sure.

Oils on canvas 24″x36″. I could have sold this many times – but for now, it is in the place it needs to be – in my living room, supplying inspiration



    1. Thanks Claudia. Exactly so, our young (and very hilly) landscape is constantly evolving and very much alive – plus the Earth father and Sky mother are at the centre of our (Maori) creation story. Nice comment, thanks!

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