That Wanaka Tree #1.

Sold at Mana Arts Trail March 2017. Another version of this scene to do soon – it will be similar but different. Some eejits sawed off the lower right branch in early March, I can’t even begin to get that. It looks quite spindly and different now, but I think I’ll paint it as it was, not as it is – partly because it’s an expression, a representation not a photo, and partly just because.

New Zealand in full lockdown for 5 days now and for the next month, possibly more (97% public buy-in, astonishing!). The bonus of living in relatively quiet little villages on small islands at the end of the world may be that we have a fighting chance of limiting this, even if our small economy is more vulnerable than most. We have a very strong sense of community I think and meanwhile creatives world-wide can get to work for our entertainment (lots of good stuff coming in already). Hope you’re all well and coping.

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