That Wanaka Tree #1.

Another version of this scene to do soon – it will be similar but different. Some eejits sawed off the lower right branch in early March (I can’t even begin to “get” that, even as an ex-courtroom lawyer who has seen a lot of dumb stuff). It looks quite spindly and different now. But I think I’ll paint it as it was, not as it is – partly because it’s an expression, a representation not a photo, and partly just because. The first part goes to the core of what art is, the second part is about other things, less positive perhaps.

New Zealand in full lockdown for 5 days now and for the next month, possibly more (97% public buy-in, astonishing!). The bonus of living in relatively quiet little villages on small islands at the end of the world may be that we have a fighting chance of limiting this, even if our small economy is more vulnerable than most. We have a very strong sense of community I think and meanwhile creatives world-wide can get to work for our entertainment (lots of good stuff coming in already). Hope you’re all well and coping.

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