Red Tree, Nuhaka-Mahia Road

A series of 3 inspired by Mondrian’s “Red Tree”. I’ve travelled the Nuhaka-Mahia road to Mahanga beach for 50+ years now – it’s just a bit remote out here, the gravel has been only recently sealed, not wide enough for a centre line, no signposts for the tricky 90 degree corners at both ends of this section.

This tree has always dominated this stretch in my memory, I can’t remember if or when it was small. However when we went up there last summer, shortly after I finished this pic, it was gone, sawn into bits by the roadside. Given the heavy charring on the already rotten trunk, I surmise maybe a lightning strike (stops sapflow/rots faster than cutting does) with road safety concerns resulting from that, followed by Council chainsaws…

Oils 60x60cm. Sold by Exhibitions Gallery, Wellington December 2019

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