Emu at beach

This is Emmaline. She’s 1.5m tall and a little bit wired, so dont mess with her. Her pose is based on Degas? Little Dancer bronze sculpture in the Louvre – that stance gave good balance whichever way she is knocked. She’s made of various woods, newspaper and chicken mesh as a base; a wallpaper, paper mache, fake fur and cardboard exterior, painted with acrylics; and pingpong ball eyes. In the old cartooning tradition of personifying animals. The cat contributed the clawed toes – no respect!
Emmaline caused me to have a minor epiphany – my family was out on the night when I realised that I was a grown man alone in a big house on a Friday night massaging scrunched up newspaper and glue into the right size of breasts for an emu wearing a flapper’s bathing suit. This seemed odd. So I stopped for a beer and some brief introspection. Came right again after 10 minutes. Maybe.


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