Mahia from Above #1 and 2

Mahia1 ???????????????????????????????

The first view looks south from Mahanga Beach in the left foreground across the isthmus to Mahia Beach township with Mokotahi Hill and Hawkes Bay to the right. Beyond is the remote tableland of Mahia Peninsula. The peninsula and Mokotahi would have been islands back in the day.
The second (main) one looks north from the top of Mokotahi with Mahanga on the left and the peninsula on the right.
I imagined the first view (but have since climbed the hill). Whereas I have been up Mokotahi at least once a year for 30 years (fact!) so imagining that view wasn’t hard, even so I messed with it.
Both are acrylics on board about 20″x14″. I like the simple contrast between ochre and prussian blue, will use this style again.

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