Cuba Quarter Buildings

Nice break at a remote beach has produced some sketches of early 20thC Edwardian (mostly) buildings in the Cuba Quarter of downtown Wellington, New Zealand, plus 6 in other parts of the City.

History freak alert!!! – the Cuba Quarter buildings have survived (usual?) inner city changes –
– In the early 1900s the area was mainly residential with horse-drawn then steam trams(imagine that!) to the top of Cuba Street:
– Then retail/light industry with art deco add-ons and electric trams in the 30s:
– Then gradual decline to the 60s and the end of the trams:
– To pedestrian mall (1st in NZ) and fresh retail in the late 60s:
– To slow renewal and gentrification nowdays – alternative retail, apartments and a healthy cafe/entertainment scene.
All in different fashions. It’s hard to envisage another decline now, but then again they likely thought that in the 1900s.

No buildings higher than 4 levels. Remarkable that several classic NZ colonial 2 level wooden bungalows have survived all the redevelopment.

Inks, charcoal, pencils on A4 paper




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