November is the Cruelest Month

On 14 November 2016 we had a large (7.8) earthquake, felt mostly in Kaikoura and the north of the South Island, and also in Wellington and the 2nd largest since 1840 – Two fatalities unfortunately with many buildings severely damaged or written off: another reminder that “Civilisation exists with nature’s consent, subject to change without notice” (Will Durrant).

The Albemarle Building in the Cuba St Quarter, an old woman with a cart and a child, and a cottage with smoke emerging. And a Wellington poem, surely…

“In the uncertain hour before the morning,
Between three districts whence the smoke arose,
I met one walking, loitering and hurried,
As if blown towards me..”

An experiment with oil washes and a muted palette. Pencil and Oils 60×40

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