Taranaki Gate #7

Last visit to this scene – the other 6 are posted in the gallery.
This one took several months to resolve. For the first (last) time, I started with the sky, Van Gogh-style as an experiment. Then I got stuck bringing that down into the rest – until my daughter and an art teacher friend helped me unblock it.
I’m very happy with the result, but I’m not sure that this style is me longer-term – it’s a bit fiddly and maybe a bit imitative (like most art?). But who knows – it’s there in the subconscious and may turn up again.
Oils on canvas 12’x 18″
PS This farm is in Taranaki Province on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand, dairy country. Taranaki gate also means a section of wire fence cut at a double batten, it has no hinges, you drag that part of the fence aside to let stock through and rope the battens together when done -variations of this all over the world I imagine


  1. I agree with Sharon about enjoying the variations of this one scene. I like the new one and the top black and white one. But each one reveals a different story. I love how you did that.

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