Cuba Quarter Buildings, Wellington NZ

All 8 pix of Cuba Street quarter buildings in downtown Wellington, NZ brought together in this post. 2 new ones:

104 Cuba Street (Mr Bun) – Heritage NZ says it is ” a two storey 1920s commercial building, … notable for its unusal Art Deco façade, particularly the prominent central oriel window on the first floor”.

Footscray Avenue (larger pic) includes “4 identical cottages on their original sites built before 1900, representing some of the best preserved 19th century worker’s houses in Te Aro”.  270 and 272 Cuba Street in front are classic Edwardian mixed retail/residential wooden buildings.

All smallish oils, flat acrylic backgrounds for most. Happy New Year!





      1. I know what you mean, it is hard to judge one’s own work. But that one really attracted me as soon as I saw it and I enjoyed the feeling of neighborhood and being a place that you conveyed, plus, it has a balance to it, or something, I don’t know quite what to say it is, but the quality of everything in the picture being just right, alone and together.

      2. Yes, it’d be nice to know what works, I battled this one and sort of abandoned it as near enough, I’ll stick it on FB too and see what happens, theyre mostly NZers so thats the market I guess. Interesting! Thanks

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