COVID Cartoon Gallery/Anzac Day

Today we commemorate our war dead in New Zealand. We are still in full isolation so the traditional Dawn Service was replaced by people standing in their driveways at 6am.  So my animals – Johnny Ratten, Badger, Penguin with the dubious name and Emmaline – are doing that all day today.

The poppies are our symbol of Anzac Day, they grew in Flanders fields in WW1. ANZAC is an acronym for Australia and New Zealand Armoured Corps.

In the gallery: an updated collection of the old cartoon-style pieces, sculptures and paintings, that I have been putting outside in my drive since lock-down started (mid Autumn burst of fine weather lately has been great) – with cones at the start of the drive, cartoon animals like social distance.

Take care out there


      1. Oh no, I loved seeing them again, and in this context. It’s one thing to see a painting, maybe, and then to see it again in a real world setting, especially such as you are doing, I think it’s fantastic and I hope to see more photos.

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